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ZHOU Chengyi 周乘怡

02 Web Designer, NCNHNL Data Developer 網站開發/數據錄入

ZHOU Chengyi is a Ph.D. candidate of China Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (HKU). She majored in Chinese History and Culture (B.A., HKU), then studied pre-Qin Confucianism and moral ethics under the supervision of Dr Tang Siufu (M.Phil., HKU).

Zhou worked as tutor and demonstrator during her years in the School of Chinese (HKU). She also assisted in the joint-faculty course SINO1003 of China Studies programme. Zhou has extensive research experience in Chinese Catholicism and Russian Orthodox church and community in Hong Kong.

Her research areas include China’s late imperial history, Chinese ethnicity, and Chinese ethnic minority languages and identities. Her current dissertation project takes an onomastic approach to non-Han women's names and naming behaviors during the Qing era.

Zhou, Chengyi. Presentation on “A Study of the Standardization of Manchu-Han Transcription: Based on the Onomastic Index of the Old Manchu Archives (The Ninth Year of Tian Cong) and the Three Editions of Veritable Records of the Emperor Taizong,” in the “Manchu Language and Research on Qing History” Workshop, Sun Yat Sun University, Zhuhai (2019.11).

Kim, Loretta, and Zhou Chengyi. Presentation on “Names and Identities in the ‘Funnel of History’: Onomastic Data in the Records of Taiwan Regional Officials and the Qing Central Government,” in the International Conference on the Qing Empire, Its Borders and Demographic Flows: Social Orders Along the Borderlands in Taiwan, 1700-1800, Taipei (2018.12).

周乘怡2013年本科畢業於香港大學中文學院歷史與文化專業,2015年獲中國歷史語文化碩士研究生學位。曾任明清天主教研究、中國東正教歷史文化研究等項目助理,擔任多門大學核心課程的助教工作。現就讀於香港大學現代語言及文化學院“中國研究”專業(China Studies)博士三年級。師從金由美教授。

研究興趣包括:清代邊疆史、少數族群語言及文化、名義論(人名)。於2018年台北中央研究院清史會議上與金教授聯合發表〈名稱與身份認同:臺灣地方官員及清廷檔案中之專有名詞的數據〉("Onomastic Data in the Records of Taiwan Regional Officials and the Qing Central Government”)。


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