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Monica CHANG Kin-ian 曾健欣

03 NCNHNL Data Developer, Dataset Manager 數據錄入/數據庫管理

Monica Chang who was born and raised in Macau, China is a Ph.D. candidate of China Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (HKU). Graduated from the University of Macau, M.A. in History and B.A. in English Studies, her dissertation takes an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to study propaganda and violence in the 1911 Revolution and the ethnic incarnations.

Chang, Kin-ian Monica. Presentation on “Cong Duanfang zhi shi kan Xinhai Geming de Man Han guanxi 從端方之死看辛亥革命的滿漢關係 [Looking at the Manchu-Han relation during the 1911 Revolution through the death of Duanfang]” in the “Shoujie Dongbeiya shehui wenhua luntan” 首届東北亞社會文化論壇 [The first Northeast Asia social and cultural forum], Heilongjiang University, Harbin (2019.12).

Chang, Kin-ian Monica. Presentation on the translation of The Dagur Story in an international conference held by the Centre for Manchu Studies, Korea University, Seoul (2014.5).

Chang, Kin-ian Monica, Gary Luk Chi-hung, and Eugene Shun-yung Tam. “Heritage in Translation: ‘A Dagur Story’ as Historical Fiction and Sample Text for Learning Manchu—Part Two.” Saksaha: A Review of Manchu Studies 14 (2016): 45–56.

Co-author of George Watt’s story book, Still Drying (2012), published by Association of Stories in Macau.


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