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  • Chengyi ZHOU

博客 Monica: A Manchu Learner『滿語學習者』

Monica Chang Kin-ian 曾健欣 has been active in sharing her personal experience in learning, teaching, and promoting Manchu language on different media platforms long before she joined the LEK & Co Research Group.

Check out her previous posts as an independent scholar and blogger "A Manchu Leaner" in her Manchu Corner 滿語角落, and explore her personal collection of Manchu-language materials.

Monica's teaching series "How to Read Manchu? 如何讀懂滿文?":

如何讀懂滿文?第一講︰介紹文 How to Read Manchu? First Lesson: An Introduction如何讀懂滿文?第二講︰母音“a” How to Read Manchu? Second Lesson: Vowel "a"

如何讀懂滿文?第三講:母音"e" How to Read Manchu? Third Lesson: Vowel "e"

如何讀懂滿文?第四講︰母音"i" How to Read Manchu? Fourth Lesson: Vowel "i"

如何讀懂滿文?第五講︰母音"o" How to Read Manchu? Fifth Lesson: Vowel "o"

如何讀懂滿文?第六講:母音"u" How to Read Manchu? Sixth Lesson: Vowel "u"

如何讀懂滿文?第七講︰母音「ü」How to read Manchu? Seventh Lesson: Vowel "ü"

Link to Monica's blogger:

Check out more about Monica's work:

Heritage in Translation: “A Dagur Story” as Historical Fiction and Sample Text for Learning Manchu – Part Two, in SAKSAHA, Volume 14, 2016, DOI: (Coauthored with Gary Chi-hung Luk and Eugene Shun-yung Tam)

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